Introducing SMASH 💥 , the electrifying movement and party series born in the heart of Poland, igniting the passion of house music enthusiasts. From its roots in Warsaw, Smash transcends boundaries as it brings together like-minded souls. The pulse of the first party beats at NIEBO club, where the vibe is set to soar beyond limits. Get ready to ride the waves of music, because for SMASH 💥 is all about house music!
⚠️ It’s just the beginning. ⚠️
💿MI-Kawaii, the Dj based in Warsaw, weaving beats that resonate with the rhythm of the city.
💿MT-V, a Polish-French explosive mix, the author of the Pulse series of trance events and the “DANS TA MT-V” podcast on the French Dia Radio, where he promotes young, talented artists from Eastern Europe. During his 7-year career, his sets have permanently entered the lineups of Poland’s largest festivals and music clubs.
So far, he has shared the stage with leading artists of the international electronic scene, such as Young Marco, Klangkuenstler, and Fatima Hajji.
💿SHAZZE is a UK Progressive and Melodic techno DJ/Producer. His pilgrimage through sound led him to the London Sound Academy’s hallowed halls, where his passion crystallized into an art form that would soon electrify dance floors worldwide.
His success has not gone unnoticed, as he has gained the support of industry giants such as Fideles, Kevin De Vries, Einmusik , Eelke Kleijn, Aly & Fila, Korolova, Massano, Darin Epsilon, MissMonique, Nihil Young, Armonica, AFFKT and many more.
💿BOOGUTA, the driving force behind the SMASH movement. Hailing from Poland, he wears multiple hats as a music producer, DJ, and the visionary owner of SMASH. 💥 With a fervent love for house music, BOOGUTA’s primary mission is to unite passionate souls who share his musical affinity. Through his beats and gatherings, he turning SMASH into more than just a movement – it’s a vibrant community bound by the heartbeat of house music.🎵
Get ready to dive into a sonic journey curated by these musical maestros at SMASH 💥– where Warsaw and Poznan’s beats collide in harmony.
FB LIST: till 23:00
Wejście do dwóch klubów Niebo + Piekło nad Niebem: 60 PLN