Kolejne spotkanie w ramach DYMÓW zdominują energetyczne i groovy dźwięki, pełne futuryzmu ale spakowane w otoczkę rytmów ghetto. A przynajmniej tak zakładamy, bo nasz główny gość jest absolutnie zaskakującym DJem, który z każdym kolejnym setem wyciąga asy z rękawa.

Jimi Oduntan performing under the alias CcC is one of the most versatile DJs we have ever heard. His energetic, tasteful and imaginative sets mix many genres, balancing between all kinds of techno, hardgroove, breakbeats and electro, and all served in a ghetto-futuristic setting. The most upvoted comment under one of his YouTube sets on HÖR said: “All of his sets are part of my pre club routine” and it’s definitely the vibe that beats from his performances. In addition, Jimi recently released an incredibly fresh track somewhere between tribal and speed techno on DJ MELL G’s label JUICY GANG RECORDS.

Along with Jimi we invite a talented Atari Baby from Wrocław, who never ceases to amaze the audience with his bouncy, groovy selection.

The bar stage will be fulfilled with the local talent, and this is due to Süda, Hirass and ya.khub, who will present a variety of electronic sounds, from the hypnotic, deeper ones, all the way to the electro and futuristic bangers.


  •  CcC


  •  Atari Baby (Portal)


  •  pārkōur — OLGA & Luca Novicci (DYMY, Schron)




  •  Hirass


  •  süda


  •  ya.khub



30 PLN till midnight

40 PLN after midnight